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                      About us


                          The Company had the honor to win the Shanghai Famous Brand, Shanghai Top 100 Private Enterprises, Specialized New Enterprise of MIIT, Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Specialized New Enterprise, Shanghai Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, Shanghai Jinshan Expert Workstation, Gazelle Enterprise of Jinshan Shanghai, Patent Demonstration Unit of Jinshan Shanghai, Technology Standardization Test Unit of LNG Cryogenic Valves for Storage and Transportation, etc. Meanwhile the Company obtained the special equipment manufacturing and production license "TS A1/A2/B", China Compulsory Certification, Sanitary Permit for Products Involving Safe Drinking Water, API6D/API600/API602 Certifications, API Fire Test Certificate, SIL 3 Functional Safety Verification, the European Union CE Certification, Russia EAC Certification, Germany TUV Certification, GB/T23001 Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System Certification, IS09001 International Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental System Certification, ISO045001 Occupation Management System Certification, ISO10012 Measurement Management System Certification, Epec Product Quality Certification of Sinopec, AAA Credit Enterprise Certificate, Contract Trustworthy Company, etc.

                      ShuangHeng Valve Group Co., Ltd

                      ADD:No. 398, Jinbai Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China





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